Nestled between sea and hills, Marseille is an amazing city that moves with the seasons and passions. Founded 2600 years ago, the oldest city in France combines the richness of a unique heritage, an intense cultural life, and an exceptional location.

Sometimes affectionate, sometimes rebellious, she loves to seduce the visitor who seldom resists the charm of 111 different districts, the mild climate and the secrets of its gastronomy.

Although it is France’s second largest city, it has remembered and retained values ​​of sharing that have shaped its territory for centuries and is still known as the “Phocaean city” in memory of the ancient Greeks from Asia Minor who founded the city here.
It is a port city with a strong identity, and has also kept abreast of the changes throughout time to become an important capital of the Mediterranean Basin open to the world .

  • Oldest city in France, founded 2,600 years ago.

  • 2nd most populated French city : 850 602 hab. (2009)

  • The leading French urban community, Marseille Provence Métropole is a community of 18 cities with 1,200,000 inhabitants.

  • Surface area: 240 km² including 100 km² of natural areas. (2,5x larger than Paris)

  • Sea front: 57 kilometres (including 20 km of Calanques)

  • Climate : 300 days of sunshine per year.

  • Average temperatures: Spring 19°C / Summer 25°C / Fall 14°C / Winter 12°C.

  • Twinned with 13 cities around the world:

  • Transport: 2 subway lines, 2 tramway lines, 1000 bicycles in 130 stations, 85 bus lines, nearly 10,000 parking spaces in 15 parking lots.

  • 16 districts (13001 to 13016)

  • Olympique de Marseille winner of the 1993 Champions League

  • France’s leading cruise port (705 000 passengers) and freight port (2010)

  • World Water Capital since 1996 – world water forum in 2012

  • European Capital of Culture 2013

  • Longest bench in the world: la Corniche, 3km

  • French city that has the most pizza trucks

  • Biggest wine list of France (1300 wines available at La Côte de Boeuf restaurant)

  • Best water of France

  • Biggest marina of France (24 harbors, 8600 rings)

  • Largest urban redevelopment project in Europe

  • Largest dry dock in Europe

  • One of the most impressive cave of the world: the Grotte Cosquer

  • Largest condominium of Europe: Super Rouvière (2200 housing)

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