Lyon , also written Lyons in English, is the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region and the Rhône département. It is known as a gastronomic and historical city with a vibrant cultural scene. It is also the birthplace of cinema.

  • Lyon is France’s second-largest city with 1.7 million people in the Metropolitan area.
  • More than 120,000 students flock to Lyon every year.
  • There are more than 360 foreign capital companies in the Lyon region.
  • Lyon is the world headquarters for companies such as Atari and Renault Trucks.
  • Lyon is home to several international organizations such as INTERPOL (The International Police Criminal Organization) and Euronews, Europe’s #1 non-stop news channel.
  • Lyon is the gateway to Europe allowing one to travel to most major European cities in under two hours.
  • From Lyon, one can ski in the Alps or swim in the Mediterranean in under two hours.
  • According to the Michelin Guide, Lyon is home to 22 of the best restaurants in France.
  • Lyon has the #1 French mass public transit system outside of Paris.
  • Lyon has more than 40 museums and theaters providing various cultural attractions.
  • Lyon’s Tête d’Or Park is the one of the world’s largest urban parks.
  • Lyon is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
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