We’re dedicated to changing the way property is marketed


Jackie Community Manager

The French Property Place is part of  The Sussex Newspaper Group. We’re dedicated to changing the way property is marketed. Our commitment is to revolutionize how properties – whether they are for sale,  rent, B&B’s and gites –  are marketed.

We believe that proactive and dynamic marketing is the most important part of any business.  And it is our duty to utilise modern social media to help you market properties.  We also know that the majority of people looking to buy a property in France or rent gite or B&B come from the UK.  So, as part of The French Property Place service,  we will market your property direct to the UK through our online newspaper,  The Sussex Newspaper.

As well as marketing through The Sussex Newspaper,   all of our properties are promoted through Twitter,  Facebook and Pinterest, which ensures  our ads are seen by thousands of people every day.

To advertise your property on The French Property Place is as close to free as we can make it while still staying in business.  We don’t set a price.  You do.  You simply pay what you feel comfortable paying.  No strings attached.  Our mission isn’t to make money from The French Property Place.  Rather our goal is to create an engaged community of users and a brilliant customer experience.  By charging whatever you can pay, we hope to cover our costs so we can keep the site running smoothly.

In 2016 we will also be donating 20 per cent of any profits we make to two good causes.  Which charities we help depends on you.  Email the editor  at editor@thefrenchpropertyplace.com  with your suggestions.

Give us a call on 06 22 90 39 64 to find out how we can work with you.


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