Things to Consider Before Moving to France

moving to france

When you are moving anywhere, be it abroad or just nationally – you should always consider every single aspect of the move. This can be from where you are going to work and how sustainable will your lifestyle to be, all the way to where you are going to shop or get your everyday bread and milk from?

Bread & Milk

Bread & Milk

With that in mind, if you are moving to a completely different country then you should make sure you have visited the area first and have a basic understanding of the lifestyle you will be subjecting yourself too.

When you are looking to buy in another country, such as France you should inspect the property you are looking to buy and when would be best to buy it. Of course, if you can afford to buy a house with ease then it is hard to say that there is a bad time. However if you buy a house whilst the market is weak – meaning house prices are low, means that you are likely to make money on the property once you have bought it and the market inflates.

Climate changes in different locations      of the country

Climate changes in different locations
of the country

Another thing to consider is the climate and the weather in your newfound neighbourhood; in France there are a range of different weather patterns that occur purely down to the fact that it has such a large surface area. You can go for places in the south of France, that have a glorious summer and high temperatures, or somewhere like Paris, where the weather is very seasonal and will change dramatically depending on the time of year – alternatively, somewhere in the alps that is guaranteed snow for the winter months. With all of these options it is important you think about where you are moving and how accessible it is for you, for example the alps can be difficult to travel up and down due to their long windy roads and icy conditions, this means it might be less feasible for family to come over for a weekend. Whereas if you live in Paris it’s a simple train journey from the UK.

When evaluating your options consider what you intend on using your property for, are you going to live in it year round, or will you decide to use it purely as a holiday home, alternatively you might purely be buying property as an investment and rent it out to holiday makers. You will want to look for different thing depending on the purpose of the property. If you looking for somewhere for yourselves you might be happy with something that requires some on-going work which you can do yourself. If it’s a holiday home you will want something manageable and will be fine if it’s left for an extended period of time. If you want something to rent out you will need something complete and finished and people will not want to rent a house, which still needs work doing to it.

Stone Village House  Renovation Project

Stone Village House
Renovation Project

If the property does need renovating or converting is it do able. While a building might look safe it might not be structurally sound and could be an accident waiting to happen. Try to find a local builder to look at the house with you before you purchase to make sure its safe and you are able to do all the work you want to do to it. You could even find there is building restriction, which means you cannot do any work to the house. By doing this you help to protect yourself against any future roadblock, which could have been avoided.

Once you have your house you will need to furnish and decorate it. You have two possible solutions for this, one is to source all furniture locally from France or you can buy it in England and ship it down. While furniture will be easier to source in France you may find yourself paying over the odd for something because you lack local knowledge. It could be easier to buy any furniture in the UK were you have more knowledge on furniture and pricing, then you can ship it down in one big go using a company like Anglo French Removals who specialise in removals to France. This way you can order and collect furniture over time and make sure you get the best deals.


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