And Finally We Arrive at the Dordogne – BUT…

What is the BUT – I hear you cry – why has she written a BUT – we know they live there now so what on earth can go wrong this time……….  well my friends several things can..

The Dordogne was the most expensive region we had searched – which meant that properties were smaller for the same amount of money as in, say, the Charente, but we had fallen in love with the area and so we decided that it was there – or no where.  So after several visit and several heartbreaks later – we had still found nothing.

The Dordogne is split into four distinct areas, The Green Périgord the most Northern part of the Dordogne filled with trees and green pastures,  The White Périgord surrounds the capital Périgueux, a city made up of white and grey limestone. The Black Périgord – which is home to dramatic cliff-hugging villages and towns including the spectacular Roccamadour and town of Sarlat.


And then we have The Purple Périgord, the wine producing region that gets its name from the colour of the grapes. Home to “bastides” (fortified villages), beautiful rolling countryside covered in vineyards, and fields of Sunflowers… – am I bias (YES)….

Anyway – back to our house hunt  –  I love Estate Agents (bit random I know) but why oh why were we shown properties that we would have bought but which were out of our price range – sometimes by nearly 100k euros… did they think the seller would drop (which is what we were hoping for) or did they think we had a money tree down the bottom of our English garden that would produce more dosh – I don’t know but we did see several properties that were beautiful but we just couldn’t afford – hence the heart break…

Then we found one – one I thought ‘could be the one’ – an established B & B.. not in a great area but it was OK, no pool, didn’t have an attached garden – but hey it was an established B & B….  then via some stern words from Nicholas – the rose coloured glasses fell from my eyes and I woke up to reality… lovely as it was, established as it was (even had heating) – but it wasn’t the one……..


I think we both felt the same – both felt as though we had spent years and years coming over to France looking for something special, for something we could call home and other people would enjoy visiting…all to no avail… All of that money spent on planes, trains and automobiles… if you add it all up we could have blinking built a small house……….  No more

Broken we returned to the UK – we had given up – we would create a new dream – France had beaten us  –   or had it…………………….(well you know it hadn’t but that’s not as dramatic)

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