My Fascination for France ABC – A is for Autumn

My Fascination for France ABC – By Gijs Van Breugel

A is for Autumn..

As we celebrate the family – weekend – remembrance Day of All-Souls, we see families getting together to remember their loved ones, bringing flowers to their graves and remembering. Especially what I find moving is the attention for the graves of the war victims who get special attention.

Today Irma and myself did our small tour around the cemeteries to visit some lost friends and felt again how we missed them. Even though you do not need a special assigned day to remember a loved one, I am fascinated by the love and care on this day by the french to make sure that we do not forget …


So as we arrived in Pitres (Normandy, village close to where we live in the Andelle valley) to pay our respect to our dear Pierrot whom we lost two years ago (and whose booming laughter we still miss at our table) we were suddenly victim of this one friend that is still (and always) all around : Mr Autumn …
(You gotta love this bridge to the original subject …)

While walking over the cemetery we we’re suddenly swamped, Mr Autumn taking special delight in upending buckets of water on our heads without end – the storm sweeping us of our feet, and umbrella reduced to scrap. So we took leave of our friend Pierrot and hurried back to our car.

The strange thing is that while we are still enjoying temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, dusk suddenly falls around half 6. My roses are still happily enjoying the sunshine, but lights out at 6.30pm. This throws me of my feet. I feel like schizophrenic. One foot still in summer and then weather and early sundown forcing me to accept the truth, autumn is on our doorstep – and in 7 weeks it will be Noel.
But it helps to enjoy lighting the fire and do cosy. So I am going for a small therapy of acceptance and will be looking forward to warm Christmassy evenings near the fire – waiting for new roses in the spring.

Take care all and until next time.

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